Pearl and Amethyst Hermitage Necklace by Subversive Jewelry

Product Description


One-of-a-kind, Crystal Drops with Pearl Embroidered Station Necklace.

Designer: Subversive
Color: Amethyst
Material: Pearls, Chains, Wrapped Crystals
Size:  20" 
Care: Wipe Clean
Origin: Made in the USA

Subversive Jewelry was started in 2003 by Justin Giunta as an alternative to fine jewelry.  Messy bling layered with intrigue. An artist that traverses many media, from painting, fashion, interior, and industrial, design, Giunta brings to Subversive Jewelry an inventive sensibility that sits on the continuum of fine art and commercial design. Subversive Jewelry plays with the idea of the baroque philosophy that more is more. Each piece is handcrafted, mixed with the idea of modern deconstruction in fashion. “I designed each piece of a jewelry with a concept behind it, so it is both a pleasure to look at and thoughtful.” Sourcing vintage materials from fleamarkets to thrift stores, even sacrificing rare collectibles, Giunta selects his materials for there intrinsic qualities to create a richly toned palette for his creations. 2009 CDFA Award Winner for Emerging Talent Accessory Design.