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Sarah is a writer for HBO’s GIRLS. She also writes stories and screenplays and nostalgic essays on When she isn’t watching TV or sticker-collecting, she’s tweeting about it.
Hometown: Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I’m going to steal my best friend’s favorite superpower, which is a modified form of teleportation. We want to be able to blink and transport ourselves anywhere in the world instantly. Breakfast in Paris, the afternoon in Hawaii, not to mention all the traffic and awkward encounters we could avoid.

Current obsession?
My perfume, I Heart Unicorns, made by A Beautiful Life. I once read it described as smelling like a half-eaten pack of Sweet Tarts left in a teenage girl’s dresser drawer, and that’s exactly right.

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If you were animal, what would you be and why?
I’m not sure what animal I would actually be but I know I’d want to be a unicorn - no surprise, now that you’ve seen my apartment. They’re magical, beautiful, and absolutely one of a kind, and for me to be described that way would be a total dream.

Favorite souvenir?
Years ago, I visited Bali where everything is gorgeous, one of a kind, and dirt cheap. I came home with an entire suitcase of handmade dresses and slouchy, colorful tote bags, and they comprise most of my summer wardrobe to this day. I feel obnoxious when people ask where I got something, but the middle schooler in me likes having pieces that no one else could possibly have.

Best gift recently given?
I gave my best friend a vintage Betsey Johnson velvet dress from the 90s, a copy of the movie Teen Witch, and a bunch of books on casting spells.

What do you love most about your hometown?
Everything! It’s the perfect leafy little town, right outside of New York City. My mom grew up there too, and my grandparents still live in the same house they always have, right down the street from my childhood home (and they have an amazing attic filled with clothes and jewelry from the 60s and 70s).  (continued)

I love everything about teenage small town life - keg parties in the woods, the local pool, hanging out at the playground at night, going to prom with someone you’ve known since kindergarten - so whenever I go home I try to soak up as much as I can. And it’s not just my history surrounding me, but my siblings’ and my mom’s as well, which is really cool.

What type of kid were you?
Very imaginative and very weird. I really liked to play by myself. I was so bossy and headstrong, I couldn’t stand having anyone else’s ideas interfering with my make-believe. But I always loved having one absolute best friend for secrets and sleepovers, and I’m still that way.

Always on you? 
When I’m just hanging out, jeans or leggings, rainbow surfer hoodies (please don’t ask me to count how many I own), and vintage cowboy boots or flip-flops. My faux-leopard jacket is pretty much the only coat I ever wear. Lots of neon nail polish. My grandmother’s ring. And fine, I’ll say it, I never quit scrunchies.
I can’t stop buying colorful 80s Cosby sweaters, and basics like tank tops and velvet leggings.  And, yes, to me velvet leggings are a basic!

Best gift recently received?
My boyfriend gave me this paperweight from the 70s (apparently I think vintage gifts are the best kinds of gifts!) that has a blown-glass jellyfish inside that glows in the dark. It’s the coolest thing I own by far.

What do you love most about your home?
I’ve carefully chosen or collected every single thing you see in my home - from the vintage pillowcases to the trippy troll terrarium on my kitchen table to the refrigerator magnets. Don’t ever come with me to buy a toothbrush because I’ll stand there for half an hour until I feel I’ve picked exactly the right one. I’m an absolute neat freak but I definitely have a lot of stuff - I like it so that everywhere you look there’s something pretty or special with a story behind it.

Favorite holiday?
My desire to stay a kid forever is completely at odds with the fact that I love my birthday. Not the getting older part, just the actual day. It falls at the end of June so I usually drive somewhere with my boyfriend or spend the day at the beach, eat Carvel ice cream cake, wear a party dress, and open presents. Of course, a close second would be Halloween because I’m obsessed with coming up with elaborate costumes that I have to make myself. I have my next ten years of costumes planned!

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